The Linen Closet Cleanout

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So are we ready to tackle that linen closet?

Step 1

Empty out the entire closet.

Step 2

Use a warm, soapy cloth to wipe down the shelves from top to bottom. Also, don’t forget to wipe the baseboard if there is one in the closet.

Step 3

Vacuum the carpet, or sweep the floor in the closet.

Step 4 

Go through each one of your sheets to see if you want to continue sleeping on it. If yes, put it in a pile to keep. If no, put it in a pile to either toss, or cut-up for rags.

Step 5

Do the same with your towels.

Step 6

Refold the sheets that you want to keep and put them back into the closet in some sort of orderly fashion.  I happen to like putting sheet sets together, however I have friends who love to mix and match their sets. (These are my free-spirit, artistic friends.) They have a stack of fitted, a stack of flat, and a stack of pillow cases. Each week their bed is different just by varying the sheets.

Step 7

Refold extra towels and blankets.

Step 8

Go through everything else that you are storing in the linen closet and decide if this is the location where you want to keep these things. (I checked with our sons and we were able to donate some of their gently used knapsacks and gym bags.)

Step 9

Place items back into the closet.

Step 10

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!!

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