Spice Cabinet Remix

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You all know Rachel Ray, right? Well, not actually know her, but know who she is. Anyway, on her show, 30 Minute Meals, she confessed that every November she automatically buys a bottle of poultry seasoning when she shops for her Thanksgiving supplies, and one year she realized that she had accumulated 7 unopened bottles in her pantry. Since we’re all watching our pennies these days, we don’t need even 2 jars of the same spice in our cabinet, let alone 7. We’re still trying to figure out what we’re supposed to do with the cream of tartar, right?

Step 1:

Take all of the herbs and spices out of your cabinet or spice drawer or from wherever you store them.

Step 2:

Wipe the inside of the cabinet with a warm, soapy paper towel or dish cloth. Dry.

Step 3:

Open every bottle and take a whiff. If you can’t smell anything there’s a good chance the herb or spice is past its prime; it won’t add much flavor to your dish. If you can smell the aroma, then recap the bottle and put it aside until you’ve done this with all of your seasonings.

(Just an FYI; I believe if you find a bottle that has a company logo on it from eons back, you might fetch some $$$ on eBay as a collectors item.)

Step 4:

Make a list of those herbs and spices that you need or want to buy the next time you go food shopping.

Step 5:

Replace all of the bottles and jars that you want to keep, back into your cabinet or drawer.

Extra Credit:

You can alphabetize the jars if you wish; however, not even this extra credit girl does that one. But feel free if you’re inclined. I’ll even give you extra-extra credit.

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