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Are you an avid magazine reader? Do you subscribe to a ton of magazines? Are you on every catalogue mailing list there is? Guess what? That’s not the problem. The problem is that you still have those issues from last year and the year before that, and maybe as far back as 2009. You know as well as I do that unless you’re in the fashion world, those outdated Vogue magazines are doing you no good. Unless you’re a personal trainer, your Men’s Health will have pretty much the same articles as last month, and next month – How to Get That Awesome Six Pack. And you know, seriously, you’re not going to buy and restore that 1969 Chevelle SS 396 that you’ve been eyeing for the last year, so why not throw away that issue of Hot Rod magazine. (Mr. S., I’m talking to you, sweetie).

The Chinese believe that there is an art to living in harmony with your surroundings, known as Feng Shui. If we eliminate the clutter from our lives, both physical and emotional, we’ll make room for more opportunities, more experiences, and abundance to arrive. In addition, allowing clutter to build up may attract negative energy in our homes, as well as make the energy stale and stagnant.

So please keep that in mind for anyone who might be having trouble parting with many years’ worth of People magazines.

Here we go… 

Step 1:

Gather up all of the magazines, catalogues, newspapers, etc., from every room in your house or apartment into a shopping bag or basket.

Step 2:

Find a comfortable place, table or floor, and separate your journals into piles; yours, mine, ours, theirs. Depending on the inhabitants in your home, you may have up to four piles.

Step 3:

Start with your own pile. Go through the table of contents of each issue to determine if there are any articles, recipes, or photos that you’d like to save. Are there any perfect gift ideas from those catalogues? If so, tear them out and start another pile of these tear sheets. Do this with all of the periodicals in your pile.  You should now have 2 piles; one pile of articles to keep, and one pile of magazines to purge.

Step 4:

Take the pile of old magazines and catalogues that you don’t want anymore and get them out of your house. 

You have 2 options:

  1. Recycling Bin
  2.  Give to a local hospital, library, school, nursing home/retirement community, doctor’s office, laundromat- basically anyplace where people have to wait.

Step 5:

Now go through your pile of articles that you want to save and separate them into categories, i.e. recipes, gift ideas, articles of interest by category: health, politics, fashion, pop culture, cars, vacation ideas, whatever.

Step 6:

Now this step may be different for all of us. As many of you know, I’m a total technophobe, so my system for saving articles is old-school…literally. I buy the cutest file folders I can find and label them “gift ideas” or “vacation ideas”, etc.

Now Mr. S, on the other hand, my paperless posse, will scan all of his articles of interest and put them in a “folder” on his computer. I applaud anyone who does it this way…but for me, I’m just more comfortable seeing my pretty accordion files, with my cute folders, precisely labeled.

Step 7:

Now give the other piles of collected magazines to the appropriate owner to go through and do what you did with your pile. Don’t be discouraged if they just want to throw the whole mess away and not file anything. Secretly that’s what we want anyway, right?


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