How To Paint Your Pumpkins

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It’s basically just like dipping candy or caramel apples.

Step 1

Wipe off any soil or dirt from your pumpkin with a wet paper towel. Then dry.

Step 2

Shake paint can very well to remix the leftover paint.

Step 3

Pour paint into a bowl or bucket.

Step 4

Line your work surface with paper grocery bags or newspaper.

Step 5

Dip pumpkin into paint and let residual paint drip off.

Note: If you don’t have a lot of paint left, just tilt the bowl and swirl your pumpkin until it’s covered as much as you’d like.

Step 6

Place pumpkin on paper and allow it to dry.

NOTE: The type of paint you use will determine the drying time. At first I used EXTERIOR Acrylic Latex paint, which was so thick, it took a few days to dry. But when I used our leftover INTERIOR Acrylic Latex paint, it took only a few hours.


Step 7

When the top of the pumpkin feels dry, flip it over to allow the bottom to dry as well.

When this coat of paint dries, you can dip the same pumpkin again in another color of paint, but don’t cover the entire surface. This will give you a two-tone effect.

If you want stripes, continue dipping with another coat after the second coat is dry.




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