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So here we are, the third week of January. Have you heard the phrase, “New Year, New You”?  Of course you have. It’s as much a part of January’s mega media blitz as the ever-popular “After Christmas Salesathon.” It seems January 1st has become our national holiday to “begin again, hit the reset button, start fresh and reboot.”

Over the years I’ve participated in my share of New Year, New You reinventions. Veganism was my diet of choice for a time, until a whiff of thick-slab smoked bacon atop a Sloppy Joe slider at a local gastropub put a halt to my yearlong plant-based palate.

On the fashion side, I’ve gone from blonde to brunette (intentionally) to red (not intentionally), and back to blonde-ish.

I also spent a year rearranging the furniture in our home to enhance the beneficial energy of our environment. (See archives, February 2012, Feng Shui 101 and Feng Shui 102).

Mr. S was a real trooper that year — he never complained about moving sofas or beds every weekend. I guess he figured I’d eventually find that elusive positive energy that I was searching for, and that hopefully it would happen before he needed back surgery.  Lucky for both of us, it did.

But the most common New Year reinventions seem to involve finding a way to attain physical health. In the last few years there’s been a ton of press and books written on eliminating sugar, dairy, and gluten from our diets. Even the Hollywood film writers are in on this food frenzy. In the last two movies we saw, Parental Guidance and This is 40, the mom character was portrayed as a crazy, controlling food freak who forbade her kids from eating the terrible trinity.  Putting aside the need to avoid these foods because of allergies and intolerances, I’m more inclined to see what we can add to our diets to achieve our desired health.

Top on my list: WATER

Did you know?

When we don’t drink enough water, we can experience fatigue, hunger, headaches, and sugar cravings.

Our brain is 85% water.  Your headaches could be dehydration. Before you pop a pill, drink a glass of water to see if that helps.

The amount of water we need is different for everyone based on our age, activity, climate, diet, and health concerns.

It’s best to drink the bulk of your water in the morning, less in the afternoon, and not so much at night…for obvious reasons.

It’s just as important to stay hydrated in the winter as it is in the summer. We don’t feel as thirsty but the warm, dry heat in our homes can cause dehydration.

To improve digestion, drink warm or room temperature water throughout the day.

Begin each day with a mug of warm water with either lemon or a bit of grated or ground ginger mixed in.

To improve your skin quality, end your shower with a cool water rinse.

When cooking vegetables, begin potatoes in cold water.

Add your leafy greens to boiling water.

Fill your vase of flowers with room temperature water.

When you recycle your empty plastic water bottle (as well as other bottles of liquid), remove the cap from the bottle. The caps and the bottles are made of different plastics and they melt at different temperatures. Keeping the cap off the bottle will ensure that the bottle will be recycled.

And my most favorite water-related product is the often-overlooked Hot Water Bottle.

Many of us grew up in the era of the electric heating pad. Ear infections, cramps and various aches and pains that required heat therapy would be eased by the soft, fabric-covered pad with an electrical cord attached. But we didn’t know back then the potential dangers of this device. The jury’s still out on whether heating pads, as well as electric blankets, cause cancer due to the emission of EMF’s (electromagnetic fields). But try the hot water bottle. It’s simple to use, inexpensive, and it’s safe. Just fill it with hot tap water from the sink. It will stay warm for up to 2 hours.

Use it to:

Help get through an illness that is giving you chills and aches.

Ease menstrual cramps by placing it on the lower abdomen.

Ease arthritic pain, especially in the hands.

Aid in digestion by placing it on the abdomen.

Act as a bed warmer on a cold winter night.

Help calm the body and mind after a stressful day.

Calm children. This warm companion provides a secure feeling when children are ill or upset.

Encourage a restful sleep by delivering nurturing comfort, enabling a deep state of relaxation.


So my water warriors, don’t forget the H2O as you go through your day. Remember, it’s not just what we take out of our diets that make us healthy, it’s also what we put in. Drink Up!

Until Next Time,

Be Well,

Suzy 😉

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6 Responses to “Here’s To You!”

  1. J J

    Can’t wait to pull my hot water bottle out of storage
    Didn’t know it could do all those things.
    Thanks for the great tips.

  2. Nancy Ginter

    Thanks for this terrific reminder about taking that helpful and healthful drink of water. I tend to rush through the day and forget all about it. I think I will set out a fancy glass as a reminder.

  3. Aunt Judy

    Hooray for the hot water bottle!
    I’ve been enjoying “Red” for years especially on those winter ski vacations out west!
    Flashy makes mini ones for kids in pink and blue…a must!

  4. Cousin Carolyn

    AS a WOMAN with KIDNEY issues … WATER, WATER and MORE WATER … THANKS, as ALWAYS, for the REMINDER!! AND LOVE the PHOTO of Mr. S. … AND is that a DENIM SOFA??!


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