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“Think Big Thoughts, But Relish Small Pleasures”

                 – Jackson Browne, singer, songwriter and musician

Well, it seems Jackson Browne and I were on the same page this summer.

Such grand plans I had for accomplishment during July and August — photography lessons, blog weekly, read the latest health and nutrition books —but alas, none of these well-intentioned projects were completed. Okay the truth is, they were never even started.

However, the silver lining is that I did “relish the small pleasures.” I spent time with family and friends. I exercised for fun, not for weight-loss, and read two novels rather than my usual go-to “how-to” books. And you know what? I feel energized. Sometimes we just need a break from trying so hard, and striving all of the time. And now I’ve got a ton of interesting and useful health tips that I’m ready to share with you.

Okay, enough about me…now it’s all about you.

Post Labor Day is a great time to resume our wellness routines, rethink the contents of our refrigerators and pantries, and continue cooking healthy meals for ourselves and our families. But my absolute favorite way to begin the fall is with a little Feng Shui.

I like to say I’m “feng-shui-ing” our home because it adds a sense of intention to the process. Truly what I’m doing is a “fall cleanup,” complete with pruning, purging, painting, re-caulking here and there, and even vent cleaning.

Thanks Mr. S.

FYI, dust acts as a magnet for stuck ch’i, which can lead to loss of vitality and crankiness. Hmm, and here I thought it was perimenopause.

But since it’s technically not fall yet, I’ve just been dabbling in pre-season to set my mood for the full-on Feng Shui Fiesta coming your way this year.


Last year we tackled the medicine cabinet, the spice drawer, and the linen closet, but this year, hold onto your Dirt Devils my dear disordered darlings, we are digging deep into the crevices of our homes (and souls) to unstuck the muck. I promise, it will be lots of fun, and beneficial for both your health and happiness. Oh yeah, and we won’t stop eating our veggies either.

Just to whet your appetite for Figs & Function’s second season of inspiration for health, nutrition and organizing solutions, here are two areas that were in desperate need of attention in our home this summer.  Maybe they are on your list as well.

New Bath Towels

These are the best bath towels I’ve ever bought. No joke, they are the fast drying RE line of towels from Target. Only $4.95 for a bath towel and they come in a ton of colors and stay soft after repeated washings. They’re ideal for bathrooms that don’t get a lot of ventilation (which I believe is most). And because they dry so quickly, they don’t get that moldy smell. They’re also perfect for your child living in a college dorm, and young people’s new apartments. That is provided they don’t lie on the bed or floor to dry.

New Dish Towels

Our new dishtowels from IKEA resemble the bistro napkins that can be found in so many hip restaurants across the country. And for 79 cents a towel, I bought some for drying and some for dining.

So, to my Figs & Function friends, I’d like to welcome you back. And to my new Figs & Function friends, welcome. I hope you enjoy our BlogLetter. If you like what you see and read, please feel free to forward it to a friend or go to the Home page and add their email address to the top right hand corner where it says, Subscribe to my BlogLetter.

If however, this information is not doing it for you, you can always click on Unsubscribe and you’ll no longer be getting Figs & Function sent to your email.

I’m looking forward to sharing healthy information with you all.


Until Next Time,

Be Well,

Suzy 😉






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8 Responses to “Hello Again…”

  1. Carolyn

    GLAD you’re back … and filled with LOTS of RE-NEWED ENERGY and CREATIVE (and $$ saving) suggestions!! Heard yesterday in a PTA Meeting … that if you have a Target Credit Card … you get an ADDITIONAL 5% off EVERYTHING @Target … so I thought I’d turn you on to ADDED savingss)!! AND tell me … is that French Onion Soup resting on the dish towel??!! Looks DELISH … perfect compliment for the towel!!

    • Suzy

      Thanks Carolyn,
      So glad to be back with you all. I’m a big fan of those money saving store cards. It truly does add up. And yes, that was French Onion Soup..recipe to come when it gets a bit cooler outside. Thanks so much for connecting. xoxoSuzy

  2. Jane G

    Sooo happy you’re back!! I forgot how much I enjoyed the ideas and photos. Another great inspirational blog and just love how seasonal they are! And if you rented Mr S out, it would pay for those cute new towels 😉

    • Suzy

      Thanks Jane. So glad you enjoy F & F, and sorry I can’t rent out Mr. S. He’s way too busy at our house. LOL. xoxoS.

  3. Aunt Judy

    Welcome back Suz…missed you and all your merry miracles!
    I too adore the Ikea dish towels – so clean looking and absorbent!
    And I’m off to fetch the RE towels – thanks for the tip!!
    Happy Fall,
    Aunt Judy

    • Suzy

      So glad I can teach you something after all of the things you’ve taught me. Happy Fall to you as well. xoxoSuzy

  4. Stuart

    Thanks for the tips. They are helpful and on point, as always!! I’m headed to Target! One of the highlights of my summer was spending time with family, as well. Can’t wait to see you again at Thanksgiving.

    • Suzy

      You always put a smile on my face when I hear from you. I’m so glad you’re getting something out of F&F. And what a compliment!!! I adore what you’ve done to your home and I think there are actually two handy Mr. S’s around. So head on out to Target, the other Mr. S is currently power-washing our house. (I think I’ve created a monster. HeHe) xoxoS.


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