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I just picked up the October issue of O magazine and O my goodness, Miss Oprah has outdone herself this month. Right there on the cover: 101 Best Pieces of Advice – Ever. She enlisted the help of her favorite “in the know” gurus to bring us everything from how to get Jennifer Aniston abs, to how to make conversations at parties, to how to find an extra $100 in your monthly budget.

Well, I’m certainly no Dr. Oz or Suze Orman, but here’s the simple advice that I offered, preached, and yes, maybe even nagged about to our sons before they went off to college last month.

Please feel free to borrow, email, or repeat these words of wisdom to your own families. (FYI, did you know the acronym for “words of wisdom” is WOW, and upside down that would spell MOM? No surprise there!! Right ladies?):


1)   Try to eat some fruit everyday. Orange juice is better than orange Life Savers, and a real orange is the best.

2)   Though you’ll notice that a box of Oreos has protein in it (1 gram), it’s not a healthy protein. Try some eggs, peanut butter, fish, chicken, beans, tofu, and lean meat.

3)   When you feel frazzled and stressed, take one minute to close your eyes and take a deep breath. Unless of course you’re driving…then don’t close your eyes…just breathe.

4)   Leave enough time to get to class, plus a little extra, so as not to be late.

5)   If you are late by chance, it’s not the end of the world…life goes on.

6)   A smile a day keeps the doctor away. But if you’re really sick…then go to the infirmary.

7)   Throw used tissues in the trash.

8)   Cough and sneeze into the crook of your elbow so as not to spread germs into the air or onto your hands.

9)   Drink plenty of water to hydrate and eliminate toxins.

10)  Caffeine from coffee or tea is fine, but don’t overdo it. And please stay away from Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy if you can. They will mess with your head.

11)   Get plenty of rest and try not to burn the candle at both ends.

12)   Try to get some exercise daily. Even if it’s just walking to class.

13)    Wash your hands before meals.

14)     If you sleep in your contact lenses, your eyes may stick shut.

15)     If you have a cold, sleep with your head elevated on a couple of pillows.

16)    Remember the saying: Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Not really conducive to college life, just keep this thought in your mind.

17)     Try not to procrastinate on homework, projects, returning phone calls, sending emails, or doing your laundry. These things will not go away.

18)    Wash your linens weekly on the hot water cycle or at least on warm water. Don’t forget detergent.

19)   While waiting for an elevator, allow the people to exit before you get on.

20)   If you reach the outside of the door at the same time someone reaches the inside of the door, hold the door for the person to exit before you walk in.

21)    Never drink from the milk carton in someone else’s dorm room. Probably not a great idea to drink from any carton, for that matter.

22)    Treat people as you would like to be treated.

23)    You don’t need to follow others to find your way.

24)     Don’t be afraid to work hard. It’s important to be self-disciplined, but good grades and achievements have no bearing on your value as a person and our love for you.

25)     If you are overwhelmed by a project, break it down into smaller parts and tackle each one separately. You’ll feel the success as each piece is completed.

26)    Don’t leave your wet towel on the floor or bed. It won’t dry there.

27)     There’s always a solution to every problem. It just may take some time finding it.

28)     When you get into bed each night try to remember one thing that you learned that day and one thing that you are grateful for.

29)    Enjoy the college years. This is an exciting time—developing new friendships, learning new things, and enjoying new experiences.

30)   Our wish for you is to find a positive passion that gives your life meaning and purpose.

And please don’t forget:

31)    When you realize you haven’t spoken to your mom in weeks, give her a call. This is good for your health as well as hers.

Until Next Time,

Be Well,

Suzy 😉

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10 Responses to “Giving Them Wings”

    • Suzy

      Thanks Sam. And I love your photo. Did you know you look an awful lot like Albert Einstein? xoxo Suzy

  1. judy block

    You included absolutely everything–fabulous Susie!! I’ll forward to LOTS.



    • Suzy

      Thanks Judy for all of your support. I hope your friends enjoy F & F as much as you seem to. Thanks for sharing!!! xoxo Suzy

  2. Arden

    Hi Suzy, I love this and I am forwarding it to my granddaughters, hope they read it,

  3. RGS

    Another great one, Suz. Here are some words of wisdom from Mr. Einstein……”.It’s not that I am so smart. It’s just that I stay with problems longer. “

    • Suzy

      Thanks Roz for those wonderful words of wisdom you shared from Mr. Einstein..but he doesn’t hold a candle to your words of wisdom!!..Sorry Albert, RGS has some mighty fine “WOW’s”.

  4. Aunt Judy

    Love it, Suz!
    These are wonderful thoughts for all to remember!
    And using them we are teaching by example-
    good begets good…thanks, love.

    • Suzy

      As you taught me, Aunt Judy…teaching by example is a sure fire way to have others learn what you want them to learn.


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