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Have you ever gotten an uncomfortable feeling when you walked into a room? There may not have been anyone in it, but there seemed to be an overwhelming heaviness that made you feel “uneasy?” Now, I’m not talking about walking into a doctor’s office, or entering a cocktail party where you don’t know a soul, or even strolling past your teenager’s bedroom…it’s obvious why those rooms make us quiver. I’m referring to the negative energy or negative ch’i that may be present in some environments.

Now before you delete this post because you think it’s “too woo-woo for you,” check out the simple things you can do in your home to increase your positive and vital energy or ch’i, which in turn will enhance your health, prosperity, and happiness.


You don’t have to be a Feng Shui Master to make your surroundings more comfortable, and you don’t have to convert your fireplace mantle to an “alter” displaying Buddhas, or crystals, unless of course that makes you happy.


According to Terah Kathryn Collins, internationally recognized Feng Shui consultant, speaker and author of many books including Home Design with Feng Shui, A-Z, the ways we can enhance our ch’i is by:

  • Arranging our furniture and possessions in a specific way
  • Living with what we love
  • Adopting designs that promote safety and comfort
  • Simplify and thoroughly organize our environment to encourage clarity and creative self-expression


So, if you’re still with me, let’s take off our shoes and leave them by the door (I’ll explain later), while we stroll through your home.


Main Entrance

In most homes, there are two to three entrances. The front door or main entrance is usually saved for company and the occasional UPS delivery guy. And then there’s the side, back and/or garage door used primarily by the occupants of the home.


Try this:

Open and walk through your front door at least once a week. It’s important to allow positive energy to enter and flow through all entrances of the home.


Side, Back or Garage Entrance

This is the door that many of us use on a daily basis because it’s close to where we park our car. It’s absolutely fine to use these entrances, but make sure they are just as welcoming as other parts of your home.


Try this:

Clear the clutter from the back entrance. You don’t want your first steps into your home to be a reminder of the chores you have to do. You want to enter feeling peaceful and welcomed. This is your home, after all. Also, by clearing the clutter, you allow abundance and opportunity to enter your home and not get blocked by your “stuff.”


Most often I set up the photos for Figs and Function, but sadly this was our actual mudroom last Sunday.




In Feng Shui, food symbolizes health and wealth, so it’s important to pay special attention to the place where our food is prepared.


Try this:


  • De-clutter the counter tops. If you’re not using the things on the counter almost daily, put them away in a cabinet, drawer or closet.
  • Remove week’s worth of mail from your countertop allowing more room for the food to be prepared and thus more health and wealth.


  • Keep the burners of your stove very clean and in working condition.
  • Use all burners regularly symbolizing the full circulation of prosperity in the family.


  • Keep trash and recycling containers out of site if possible.
  • Brooms, mops and cleaning supplies should not be visible either.


Fix things that are broken, or get rid of them.

  • Is there a drawer or cabinet that won’t close properly? Could it be the spoon that’s been lodged behind the drawer for months? Fix it.
  • Do you have a chipped bowl or plate? Pitch it.
  • Do you have a broken utensil? Fix it or chuck it.
  • Is there some frozen food item that fell behind the freezer drawer last summer? You see it every time you open the freezer, don’t you? You’re not alone. I’ve been looking at hundreds of flax seeds strewn across the freezer floor from a bag that unfortunately opened without my help. It’s time to take care of it.
  • And my most recent kitchen annoyance was the missing felt pads from the feet of one of our kitchen chairs. Every time someone sat in that chair, unknowingly scraping the wood floors, I’d cringe. It’s not like I don’t have packages of felt protectors, it’s just that I kept putting it off until I realized that this discomfort could be avoided. I replaced the missing felt pads on the chairs feet and felt much better.


So all of these tiny disturbances may seem like nothing to worry about, but over weeks and months, it will sap the positive ch’i from your kitchen creating negative energy for health and prosperity.




Now Mr. S. has never been a huge fan of my obsession with Feng Shui. I think it’s because most of the time it involves his participation in furniture moving, drain unclogging, or window washing. All of which seem to occur on a regular basis, he says. But guess what? After finally fixing our bathroom sink, (months of no cold water, ouch!) he came home from work one evening last week and gloriously announced how perfect his day was. Deals were done, people were pleasant and there was no traffic on the commute home. I reached deep down into my humble soul, searching for the words that I thought were coming out, like “I’m so happy for you, honey”…but what came out shocked even me, “I told you so, you finally fixed the sink!” Ugh, not a great way to welcome home Mr. S.


Try this:

  • Keep toilet lid down to prevent opportunities from going down the drain.
  • Keep sink drain closed when not in use. (I always forget this one.)
  • Fix leaking faucets and clogged drains.
  • Replace burned-out light bulbs.


So, my fabulous feng shui friends, next week I’ll discuss how you can avoid negative ch’i in the Bedroom, Living Room and Home Office. I can’t promise you’ll be able to pick the next Super Bowl winning team, but I can promise you’ll feel more comfortable and at peace in your surroundings resulting in better health, clarity, prosperity and happiness. Next week, look for Feng Shui 102, because as you know, “You’re never too cool for school!”


Until Next Time,

Be Well,

Suzy 😉






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