Create Your Own Wrapping Closet

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Have you ever seen those impeccably decorated homes we see in Town and Country magazine, or Architectural Digest? Even in People magazine, we can now check out the digs of different celebrity homes each week. How cool is that? I’m always intrigued by the number of mansions that contain a “wrapping room.” Yes, this would be a room solely for wrapping gifts. Three of the walls are usually covered in a Scalamandre hunter green toile print paper, matching the draperies that hang over the floor-to-ceiling picture windows. The fourth wall has floor-to-ceiling mahogany bookcases displaying fabric-covered boxes in a beautifully coordinated gingham check print. These, of course, hold the wrapping supplies; ribbons, bows, tape, scissors, etc. Well anyway, one day I got a crazy idea to create my own wrapping room. Well, it’s actually a wrapping closet, but it works! Check out the before and after photos of our wrapping closet as well as the steps for you to create a wrapping closet of your very own.

Step 1

Take inventory of your existing wrapping paper to see what you need. Make a list. Don’t forget about tape, gift tags, and money envelopes.

Step 2

Look around your house for some canisters or clear florist vases that you’re not currently using. Our white jars are from IKEA. You can also use retro-looking wide-mouth quart Mason canning jars found at the supermarket. Retro is very hip.

Step 3

Place loose ribbons or ribbons on small spools in one jar. Tape and scissors go in a second jar, and gift tags, labels, and gift cards go into a third. If you have other things to store, feel free to use as many jars as you need.

Step 4

Label your jars. If you don’t have a label maker, the clear glass jars work best because you can see the contents. However, if you think you might be hanging with Figs and Function for awhile, you may want to ask for a label maker for Christmas. This will not be the last time we label something in your home. Shocking, huh?

Step 5

I like to keep the rolls of wrapping paper off the floor, so Mr. S. installed these giant hooks, (also from IKEA) to hold our paper. He also hung these mini 3M hooks to hold the large spools of ribbon as well as the gift bags. The basket on the floor holds tissue paper, and reusable gift boxes that I picked up at Michaels Crafts.

Extra Credit:

This is the pièce de résistance. I had some wallpaper left over from a room that my friend Marcy helped me decorate. You must check out her company, Discount Decorator, (  It’s so cool. You can go online, click the thumbnail of tons of different papers from Brunschwig to Schumacher, and you can place an order for the most beautiful hand-screened wallpaper in any quantity you need, at great prices, and shipped directly to your house. So even though we don’t have our own “wrapping room,” we can still have the feel of one. Oh, and don’t tell anyone;  but I just hung the paper in my wrapping closet with pushpins.

P.S. If you don’t have any leftover wallpaper, you can use contact paper with pushpins or even wrapping paper works well. Very convenient!

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