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Have You Lost Your Mind?

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No offense to my fellow multitasking mavens, but have you heard? Mindfulness is the new way to health and happiness. Well, not exactly new. In fact, for over 2500 years people of all walks of life have used the practice of mindfulness meditation as a way to achieve well-being, peace, and joy. It’s really quite… Read more »

A Mother’s Day Rhyme

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Figs and Function is a bit different this time Instead of health and organization, here’s my silly Mother’s Day rhyme. In honor of mothers and grandmas everywhere I dedicate this poem Girls, get out there—and what you’re made of—you show ‘em. (With some food nuances, of course) ‘Twas the morning of Mother’s Day, as I… Read more »

Busy, Busy, Busy

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I know sometimes you’re way too busy to read this blog, and now you have the opportunity to unsubscribe to the weekly BlogLetter if you’d like, however I hope you stick around. This week I’m going to help you save time at the dinner hour (or dinner 10 minutes in some cases.) Believe me, I… Read more »

I Can See Clearly Now, The Schmutz is Gone

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I don’t know about you, but I have serious Spring Fever. For some that means a road trip to the farm market to pick up pansies, or the first veggie of spring, asparagus. For others, it means a road trip on your bike or your feet. It’s time to get out of the gym. And… Read more »

To Buy or Not To Buy Organics?

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That is the question. Actually, with all due respect to Mr. Shakespeare, today I’m asking the organics question. Though I’m pretty sure you all are not contemplating this question with the same intensity that Hamlet struggled with his question, “To be or not to be?” Truly, I’ve never heard anyone recite a 35-line soliloquy pondering… Read more »

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch

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  You know that I love you. Yes, the 1960s man band, The Four Tops, was right on when they sang about “sugar.” Though they were crooning about the human loves in their lives, they also could have been singing about the love in most of our lives….SUGAR! I’ve been avoiding blogging about this issue… Read more »

Kale Chips

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Print Kale Chips Serves: 2   Kale is a nutritional powerhouse. It’s loaded with calcium for bones, and vitamin K, which may help lower your risk of inflammation. Ingredients 1 bunch of kale (any variety) 1 tablespoon of olive oil sea salt Instructions Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Wash the kale leaves well, and fully dry… Read more »

Mock Chopped Liver

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Print Mock Chopped Liver Serves: 10   You’ll never miss the liver! Ingredients 6 tablespoons of grapeseed oil 2 medium onions, chopped 1 pound white mushrooms, sliced into ¼-inch slices 3 hard-boiled eggs, quartered ½ cup chopped walnuts ½ teaspoon of salt ¼ teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper Chopped chives for garnish, (optional) Instructions In… Read more »

Tasty, Tangy Shrimp Tostada

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Print Tasty, Tangy Shrimp Tostada Serves: 4   This recipe comes from The Family Dinner by Laurie David. It’s a great quick meal with no cooking involved. Ingredients For the Citrus Shrimp 1 pound cooked shrimp, peeled and deveined ½ cup fresh lime juice ½ cup fresh lemon juice ¼ cup fresh orange juice ¼ cup… Read more »

Bunnies and Brisket – A Holiday Feast

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Ahh, the spring holidays are upon us. Passover and Easter—a time when both Jews and Christians sit down to their culinary ritual feasts. For Passover, there is an abundance of gastronomic symbolism at the Seder that commemorates the exodus from Egypt and the deliverance of the Jewish people from Pharaoh’s oppressive rule. The matzo, also… Read more »